1992 to 1996 Ford Truck Interior Colors

This image will help identify the interior colors for Ford F Series trucks and Broncos from 1992 - 1996, otherwise known as OBS Fords.   

A collection of ashtrays from 1992 to 1996 Ford trucks showing the colors that were produced for various years.

  • Light Blue / Lapis / Royal Blue was seen on 94 to 96 trucks.  It's a very bright rich blue color.
  • Dark Blue / Crystal was found on 92-93 trucks. It's dull blue that almost looks gray in certain lights
  • Light Red / Scarlet was delivered on 92-93 trucks.  It's a bright vibrant red hue.
  • Dark Red / Ruby was found on 94 to 96 trucks.  It's a much darker red, more of a maroon.
  • Light Gray / Opal was produced for 94-96 trucks. It's a simple light gray
  • Dark Gray / Granite  was see on 92-93 trucks. A much darker gray, just short of black.
  • Tan / Mocha - The same hue was used for the entire 92-96 run.


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