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Gauge Screw Retainer Repair - 70's and 80's Ford Trucks and Cars

Ford with Blue Truck Parts screw retainers  Starting in the mid 70's Ford begin using plastic screw holders on the back of their instrument cluster gauges.   Over the years the plastic has become brittle and cracked.  This allows the gauges to rattle inside the cluster.  In extreme cases the screw, which also is used to conduct the gauge signal, can touch to the gauge body and cause a short or worse.   Identification Ford seems to have standardized their gauges across all vehicles and lines through most of the 70's and the first half of the 80.  Their fuel, oil pressure, and temperature gauges are all roughly the same design with minor variations of needle width and direction of operation. They all have a round metal housing that is roughly 1 3/4" in diameter Two screw posts spaced 1 1/8" apart hold the gauge in place and conduct the sensor signal in to the gauge internals.   The posts 3/16" diameter, or #10 screw size.  The amp gauges are similar, but have a thi

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