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87-96 Ford Truck Tailgate Trim Panel Mounting Hole Locations

 I got a message from a customer asking about the location of the holes for mounting the tailgate trim panel.  They wanted to mount a panel on a tailgate that did not originally have one.  These pictures will help document where the holes are on the tailgate.   The back/outside of the tailgate has 6 holes for the Blue Truck Parts Tailgate Brackets (yes, that was a shameless plug for our product).  Each hole is about 3/4" diameter to accommodate the base of the bracket posts. Measuring from the left side of the tailgate to the first set of holes. The middle holes measured from the left side. The right side holes when measured from the left edge.  The bottom row of holes measured from the bottom edge of the tailgate. The top row of hoes measured from the bottom edge. The tailgate also has two sets of 1/4" holes on the edges.  Small threaded trim clips mounted to the back of the panel run through them.  They are held in place with acorn nuts on the inside tailgate flange. Edge

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