92-96 Ford Truck Ashtray Guide Replacement

For the 1992 model year Ford made a significant redesign of the F series (F150, F250, F350) trucks and Broncos. The changes lasted through the 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 model years. The 9th generation of the F150 is colloquial known as the OBS or Old Body Style.

The interior redesign borrowed many styling cues from the immensely popular Ford Taurus. Rounded corners and easy access to controls and features predominated the new interior. This includes a new design for the operation of the ashtray. While previous years had ashtrays that hinged down to open the OBS trucks have an ashtray that slides forward on a set of guides.

Unfortunatly for the owners of the OBS trucks the ashtray guides (some people refer them and slides) have a tendency to crack and break. When this happens the ashtray will sit crooked and either be almost impossible to open or will slide open when rounding the most mundane turn.

Blue Truck Parts has designed a set of replacement ashtray guides to help you fix this issue. The replacement guides have a similar integrated spring mechanism to hold ashtray in place. However the original rivets used to mount the guides to the ashtray frame are replaced with screws to make for an easier install.

Today we are going to detail the procedure to install the Blue Truck Parts Ashtray Guides.

Screw locations for the ashtray mounting bracket

The first step is to remove the ashtray assembly from the dash. Pull the astray out to expose the two screws on either side of the assembly. A third screw is hidden back under the dash in the middle of the bracket. All three screws have a 7mm hex head. Disconnect the wires for the lighter and the power port to the left of the ashtray.

Ashtray power port with wires disconnected

Disconnect the wires from the lighter plug / power port in the ashtray.

Wiring connector being squeezed using pliers
Using a pair of pliers compress the plastic clip that holds the wire harness to the ashtray and push it through the hole.

Ashtray retaining spring being pushed to allow ashtray removal
Slide the ashtray forward and reach inside to push the metal retaining sprint up.  This will allow you to gently pull the ashtray forward and out of from the housing.

Ashtray bracket with broken guide
The front half of the guide on this ashtray bracket is broken off.

Diagonal cutters being used to remove the guide rivet
Using a pair of large diagonal cutters carefully remove the remaining pieces of the broken guide.  Use the cutters to remove the remaining rivets.  

Ashtray bracket and guide showing correct orientation

Orient the replacement guide with the locating pin closest to the end towards the rear of the housing.  The two guide locating pins will slot into the rear of the hold pairs on the bracket

Screws for ashtray guides being installed
Use the two included screws to secure the replacement guide to the bracket.  

Fully repaired ashtray with new guides ready to be reinstalled into the truck
Gently slide the ashtray into the housing making sure the ashtray is straight on the guides.  The plastic tracks at the back of the ashtray can easily be crack if it's installed crooked.  Re-install the ashtray assembly back into the truck

Brand new replacement ashtray guides are available from Blue Truck Parts store at https://bluetruckparts.com/products/ats92r


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